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Kill the Priests

ICC Note:

A brief chronological look at the recent rise in violence against Christian clergy in the southern Philippines.


1/24/2008 Philippines (StrategyPage) January 24, 2008: Increased threats against Christian clergy in the south has led to assigning soldiers as bodyguards. For over a century, southern Moslems have been converting to Christianity, seeing it as a more modern and helpful religion. This angers the Moslem traditionalists, who point out that Moslem scripture calls for those who convert, to be executed.

January 19, 2008: In the south, police arrested one of the Abu Sayyaf leaders of the ambush that killed 14 marines last July. The man had a $12,000 price on his head.

January 18, 2008: About 360 kilometers southeast of the capital, an army patrol encountered some NPA gunmen. Four rebels were killed.

January 16, 2008: A priest was killed in the south, while resisting kidnappers. This took place on the island of Tawi-Tawi, where Islamic militants, like Abu Sayyaf, are trying to drive out the Christian minority.

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