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Malaysian Islamic authorities in new corpse row

ICC Note:

Just days after Islamic courts return the body of a Christian woman to her husband for a Christian burial, Malaysian police claim another body, this time an ethnic Chinese and Buddhist, and insist that, he too had mysteriously converted to Islam despite the family’s claims.


1/21/2008 Malaysia, Islam (AFP) Malaysian police have seized the body of an ethnic Chinese man in the latest dispute between Islamic authorities and family members over a disputed conversion, a report said Monday.

The eldest son of Gan Eng Gor, who died on Sunday aged 74, said his father became a Muslim last July, but his other children reject the claim and insist their father was a Buddhist.

The cases have fed accusations over the growing “Islamisation” of Malaysia, where the population is dominated by Muslim Malays living alongside ethnic Chinese and Indian communities.

“The entire family is shocked at his claim,” Gan Hock Sin, one of the deceased man’s eight other children, said according to The Star daily.

“We have been practising Buddhists all our lives. How is it that none of us, including my mother who has been looking after my sick father for the past two years, has no knowledge of this?” he said.

“He could not talk, so how was it possible that he converted?” Gan Hock Sin said, adding that his father had been bedridden for the past two years after suffering a stroke.

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