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Expatriate Copts Will Not Attend Cairo Conference

ICC Note

Expatriate Coptic groups are frustrated about failure of Egyptian government to pay attention to their recommendations on improving the rights of Copts in Egypt .

By Charles Fouad

Tuesday, 15 January 2008 Egypt (The Free Copts)-The President of the Coptic Assembly of America Cameel Halim declined the invitation to attend the Coptic Conference that is going to be held in Cairo by the chairman of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organization (EUHRO) Naguib Gabriel next month.

In an apology letter sent to Mr. Gabriel, Halim thanked his efforts in organizing the conference in Cairo and his invitation to some Coptic organizations to attend it.

He added that, together with several Coptic bodies, thinkers and activists in the defense of Copts’ rights, his Assembly had studied the idea of holding a conference. However, the Coptic Assembly of America, the Theban Legion and the Free Copts were sorry not to attend due to a few reasons, the letter read.


Moreover, according to Gabriel, Copts’ situation with regard to politics is represented by how much they are represented in State institutions, such as the People’s Assembly, the Shura Council and others.


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