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Malaysia can no longer be ‘Truly Asia’

ICC Note:

An Indonesian columnist who has written numerous articles on the swing to extremist intolerance throughout Malaysia is explicit in his latest article that tears down the notion that the Malaysian government touts as its motto: ‘Truly Asia.’


1/18/2008 Malaysia (ChristianToday) Taking a swipe against the motto, ‘Truly Asia,’ used by the Malaysian government, an Indonesian columnist wrote the multiracial and harmonious country was facing the ‘threat’ of disintegration unless it returned to its ancient cultural root of re-uniting its society.

Recently, an ethnic Indian woman who converted from Muslim to Hinduism was detained by the Islamic religious department and sent to ‘religious counselling’ because Islamic law forbid people born from a Muslim family to be converted.
Another prominent example was Lina Joy, who converted to Christianity to marry her fiancé, who found the highest civil court, following Islam law ruled that once a Muslim, always a Muslim. Ms. Joy cannot legally marry her fiancé, her children are considered Muslim and as such cannot be educated in a Christian environment, and her burial rites would be performed in accordance with Muslim tradition.

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