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MP Atallah: I See More Delay in Electing Lebanon President

ICC Note

Lebanon is with out a president since November 23, 2007. The latest attempt at electing president has failed. The failure to elect president in the country is detrimental to the interest of Lebanese Christians.

January 11, 2008 Lebanon (Naharnet)-A 12th parliamentary session to elect Lebanon’s president appears doomed to more delay with rival politicians unable to reach a settlement despite Arab League efforts to push through a compromise, officials said on Friday.

“Everything indicates that tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) session will meet the same fate as the 11 previous ones and be postponed,” Atallah, a deputy with the ruling March 14 alliance told AFP.

Atallah said it was clear that the Hizbullah-led opposition was intent on blocking a deal brokered by Arab foreign ministers to end the long-running presidential crisis.


The Arab initiative is based on a three-point plan that calls for the election of army commander Gen. Michel Suleiman as president, the formation of a national unity government in which no one party has veto power and the adoption of a new electoral law.

Although the ruling coalition has given the plan its full backing, Hizbullah is insisting that the opposition be granted a third of the seats in a new government so as to have veto power over key decisions.


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