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More bomb attacks on Iraqi churches, severe material damage caused

ICC Note

Following attacks on churches in Baghdad and Mosul , similar attacks targeting churches also occurred on Wednesday Jan 8, 2008. The series of bombings in this week highlights challenges facing Iraqi Christians.

Jan 9, 2008 Iraq (CNA).- Continuing a trend of attacks on Christian buildings, two car bombs exploded outside churches on Wednesday in the northern Iraq city of Kirkuk.


Brigadier General Burhan Habib Tayib, head of city police in Kirkuk, said that the first car bomb exploded outside the Chaldean Christian Cathedral of Kirkuk in the city center around 4:40 pm local time. The second attack took place outside the Assyrian Christian Maar Afram church less than a mile away.

“A lot of material damage was caused,” said Tayib. “Cars and surrounding houses and the glass and walls of the churches all suffered damage.”


On Tuesday Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki told the Vatican ‘s ambassador to Iraq , Monsignor Francis Assisi Chullikatt, that the government was committed to ensuring the safety of Christians. He also noted that other religious groups, including Muslims, were being targeted for attack.

“Christians and Muslims are united in the face of terrorists and outlaws,” Maliki said.


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