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Burmese family wins right to stay in Shetland after five-year battle

ICC Note:

Hazel Minn, a Christian and member of the Karen tribe in Burma, fled the country to Shetland in 2002 and has just won a prayerful victory that will allow her to remain there without fears of being deported back to Burma.


1/10/2008 Burma (TheHerald) A mother and her two sons who made Shetland their home have finally had the nightmare prospect of being deported to Burma lifted.

It brings to an end a five-year battle by the island communities to persuade the authorities to let the Minn family stay.

Hazel Minn, 40, and her adopted sons Simon, 15, and Vincent, 14, were told on Tuesday they could stay in Shetland at Hillswick where they have been living with the boys’ grandparents since May 2002.

Ms Minn left Burma in 2002 after adopting her cousin’s two sons, saying conditions had become too harsh under the military government and the boys had no future in a country where children as young as 10 are forced into manual labour.

A member of the persecuted Karen tribe, which lives in the southern half of Burma, she faced further problems with the government because she was a Christian working for a Baptist organisation translating the Bible.

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