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Muslim clerics warn Afghanistan president against missionaries

ICC Note: Meeting of prominent Muslim clergy issues statement on January 4 that President Karzai must stop foreign aid groups from converting Afghans to Christianity.

by Daniel Blake
1/5/08 Afghanistan (Christian Today) – The President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai has been told by the country’s Islamic council to stop foreign aid groups from converting locals to Christianity.

The influential council of Islamic clergy and ulema (scholars) made the warning in a statement during a meeting with Karzai on Friday in which it also called for the reintroduction of public executions, which have not taken place since the fall of the Taliban in 2001.

“The council is concerned about the activities of some … missionary and atheistic organs and considers such acts against Islamic sharia (law), the constitution, and political stability,” the council said in its statement.

“If not prevented, God forbid, catastrophe will emerge, which will not only destablise the country, but the region and the world.”

Ahmad Ali Jebrayeli, a member of the council and also a member of parliament, said that reliable sources had told him of Christian missionaries using offices in Kabul and in the provinces as bases from which to convert the local population.

He also alleged that the missionaries are being supported by NGOs… [Go To Full Story]