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Calls for crackdown on Protestant Church

ICC Note

Muslim groups and scholars are moving to stop evangelism in Algeria because many Muslims are choosing to follow Christ. As this article indicates, a leading Islamic scholar is calling for actions from government of Algeria to curtail the growth of Christianity in that country.

Thursday, 03 January 2008 Algeria ( leading Islamic scholar in Algeria has accused the Protestant Church of bribing people to convert to Christianity, and called on authorities to crack down on “aggression against Algerians,” a press report said Wednesday.

The head of the Algerian Association of Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Abdul-Rahman Al-Shayban, called on officials to counter missionary campaigns by the church which, he said, “has reached the point of aggression against Algerians.”


Shayban called for a crackdown under the religious practice law for non-Muslims, which, he said, is the only way to protect Muslims.

The law regulates the activities of religious minorities and places their congregations under close scrutiny. It also stipulates that non-Muslim conferences must get prior permission from the provincial governor and provide a list of participants and their addresses.


Shayban said that after independence, Algerian Christians only asked for the freedom to practice their religion. “Now they have reached the extent of assaulting us,” he added.


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