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Sweatshop-made crucifixes demean Christians

ICC Note:

Unfortunately and increasingly, many commonly used items sold in America and across the world are made in some of the worst working conditions in the world. This latest report shines the light on those Christian trinkets we so love to collect.

By Jim Hightower

1/4/2007 China (TopekaCapitalJournal) A highly-respected workers’ rights group, The National Labor Committee, has documented the brutal sweatshop conditions at the Junxingye factory in Southern China. Here, young women workers — many only teenagers — are forced to toil from 8 am to 11:30 pm, seven days a week, making Christian artifacts.

They’re paid 26 cents an hour — less than half of China’s miserly minimum wage. Out of this meager pay, workers are docked for bad food and bunks in cramped, filthy dorms. This lowers their pay to nine cents an hour — less than $10 a week. They get no sick days, holidays, or maternity leave — and, ironically, they have no religious rights.

For information, call the National Labor Committee: 212-242-3002.

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