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ICC Note: Here is a FrontPage interview with Robert Spencer of Another case of Islam getting a “pass” as well as real world look at the danger Pakistan faces. the culture of violence that Islam has created in Pakistan is especially directed at the Christians.

Bhutto’s Death at the Hands of Islam
FP: Aside from all the controversy over the Bhutto assassination, one thing is certain: the suicide bomber that was involved in the assassination was clearly acting in the name of jihad. This form of suicide was obviously an act of Islamic martyrdom that the killer was perpetrating. He was acting against the forces of the infidel which he believed Bhutto had become complicit with. This has been the perpetual thesis of Al Qaeda and jihadis in regards to Bhutto.

This person was carrying out an act of Muslim martyrdom and through his death he believed he would be gaining a higher other-wordly reward, as all Muslim suicide bombers do — the virgins, the purest wine, etc. (Koran, Sura 55, verses 54-56; Sura 56, verses 12 -40; Sura 76, verses 12-22, etc.)

This crime and tragedy, therefore, has been spawned by Muslim beliefs and aspects of the Muslim religion. And now masses of Pakistanis are very angry that Bhutto has been killed and guess what? They burn a car, they destroy the windows of a bus, they scream with rage, they demonize and blame Musharaff, they demonize and blame George W. Bush.
And the outcry against the theology that engendered the murder of their beloved leader? Silence. The demands that Muslim clerics throughout the world issue fatwas against suicide bombings? Silence. The demands for an Islamic Reformation that will reinterpret/nullify the Islamic verses promoting martyrdom? Silence. The demands that Muslim clerics throughout the world issue fatwas against Al-Qaeda, the entity that has bragged that it is responsible for the Bhutto assassination? Silence.

A pathological and bizarre script, no? Or am I missing something here?

Spencer: Unfortunately, Jamie, you’re quite right. What we are seeing in Pakistan and around the world over the last week is still more denial and evasion of responsibility by the very Islamic authorities who should be engaging in some serious reflection and self-criticism over the forces they have unleashed in Pakistani society by preaching the sacredness of violence and hatred. They have created in Pakistan , with its madrassas that have been identified by numerous observers including Colin Powell as “universities of jihad,” a culture of aggression and intransigence.

. . .FP: Osama bin Laden enjoys, as you point out, the approval of 46% of Pakistanis. I am sure that a large percentage of these Pakistanis would argue that Islam is a religion of peace. What kind of mindset holds these two dispositions simultaneously?

Spencer: A very strange mindset, Jamie, but it’s a common one. Once I received a death threat from a man in Pakistan who wrote to me: “I will be violent against anyone who hurts Muslim feelings about Prophet. It is a religion of peace for everyone until some duckhead sprews out his damn saliva on a senstive topic as this. Spencer will be delivered.” The irony of what he was writing seems to have been lost on him.

Nor is this idea solely the province of kooks. The internationally influential jihad theorist Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966) maintained that violent jihad is a necessary part of establishing true peace, which equals the supremacy of the Sharia: “When Islam strives for peace, its objective is not that superficial peace which requires that only that part of the earth where the followers of Islam are residing remain secure. The peace which Islam desires is that the religion (i.e. the Law of the society) be purified for God, that the obedience of all people be for God alone, and that some people should not be lords over others” (Milestones, p. 63). That is, peace is established when Islamic law rules a society.

FP: As you say, free democratic elections in Pakistan will most probably lead to the election of a pro-Osama, pro-jihad government. If that happens, what key dangers will we be facing?

Spencer: I hope that doesn’t happen, Jamie, but there is considerable evidence that the jihadists enjoy significant support. Besides the poll I cited above, there is another recent poll showing that 60% percent of Pakistanis favor a “larger role in Pakistan law” for Sharia, with only 11% thinking that role should be reduced. A Sharia state in Pakistan would be set against Infidel polities as a matter of principle. If it had control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, the result could be catastrophic for Israel and for the United States as well.