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US diplomat dies in Sudan attack

ICC Note

The US diplomat is killed in Khartoum where there is growing anti-Western sentiment due to the Western country’s policy against Sudan government’s committing of genocide in Darfur .

January 1, 2008 Sudan (BBC News)-A US diplomat in Sudan has died of his injuries following a shooting in the capital, Khartoum , US officials say.


It is not yet clear whether the attack was politically motivated, as crime is fairly high in the city.

The victim was an officer with the US Agency for International Development.


Investigation launched


The shooting happened the day after a joint African Union-United Nations force took over peacekeeping duties in Sudan ‘s war-torn Darfur region.

Anti-Western and anti-US feelings are running high in Sudan , because of Western criticism of Khartoum ‘s policies in Darfur , correspondents say.


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