Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: An encouraging note. Now if the security services would stop targeting pastors in many different ways we would be getting somewhere.

A Coptic service in Egypt

EGYPT (ANS) — The Egyptian Government has given 1,265,000 Egyptian pounds (US$230,000) in compensation to 17 Coptic Christians whose property was damaged by a mob of angry Muslims.
This news was revealed in a story written by Jennifer Gold on the British website — <> .
The story stated that last week, in the southern Egyptian town of Isna, a group of Muslims damaged cars and shops belonging to the Christians.
According to the governor of Qena province, Magdy Ayoub, the attacks began after reports that a Coptic Christian pulled down the veil of a Muslim woman in a car park.
According to AP, police arrested 15 people in connection with the attacks, most of whom were later released.
“In a similar event earlier in the month, dozens of Muslims rioted after rumors that Coptic Christians had tried to abduct and sexually assault a teenage Muslim girl,” said the Jennifer Gold story.
“The Muslims threw stones and broke windows at a pharmacy where they believed the Christians had forced the girl to have sex with them.”
According to AP, the two Coptic Christians suspected of the abduction were arrested by police and detained for 15 days on charges related to sectarian tensions.
The story concluded, “Governor Ayoub has said that prominent local Muslim and Christian figures plan to meet in a bid to ease the sectarian tension.
“Southern Egypt is no stranger to tension and conflict between Muslims and Coptic Christians. In 2000, 21 Christians and a Muslim were killed in the village of Kosheh after a dispute turned into a fight between armed villagers.”
Egypt is a country of 76.5 million people. Around 10 per cent of them are Coptic Christians.