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BJP deplores violence in Orissa

ICC Note: The headline of this article is misleading; in an outrageous move, the government of Orissa, where Christians have been the victims of violence at the hands of radical Hindus (see story on Thursday, Dec 27), has refused to specifically condemn the most recent attacks against Christians, saying instead, “We always condemn violence…” BJP, why can’t you condemn this violence? Are you just trying to look good to the public while continuing to pursue your goal of ‘purifying’ India of non-Hindus?

12/27/07 New Delhi (The Hindu): With saffron outfits accused of attacking churches and other Christian establishments in Orissa, the BJP was on Thursday in a tight spot over the issue as it guardedly condemned violence in the state where it shares power.

While the party deplored violence in general, it refused to specifically criticise its sister outfit Vishwa Hindu Parishad, which has been blamed for the attacks in the last two days.

“We always condemn violence. We condemn violence on both sides. We never support violence,” party spokesperson Prakash Javadekar merely said when asked for the party’s reaction on Orissa incidents… [Go To Full Story]