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For the first time Hanoi’s Catholics take to the streets to ask for justice

ICC Note:

Thousands of Catholics decided to take to the streets of Hanoi on Christmas Eve to ask for the restoration of the church’s building which was expropriated and turned into a nightclub by the local government.

12/28/2007 Vietnam (AsiaNews) For the first time Hanoi’s Catholics have taken to the streets. On Christmas Eve (see photo) between 4 and 5 thousand people peacefully held a torchlight protest to ask the government to restore a building to the Church which belonged to the Apostolic delegation. The building was expropriated by the local authorities and is currently being used as a nightclub.

“I hope – a student told AsiaNews – that local authorities will deal with the social issues for people. We want to tell the truth, presenting our petition so that according to national law our rights are protected. The local authorities have been using the lands and places for business or administrative work”.

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