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Intolerant Indonesia

ICC Note:

Indonesia, an entity which apparently once prided itself on its religious plurality, is becoming increasingly intolerant and violent towards Christians and even Muslims who do not strictly adhere to the state’s version of Islam. There appears to be no barrier at all to the hostility breaking out against religious minorities and that can only mean disaster is just around the corner. Remember to keep this nation in prayer and do all you can to help raise awareness about the injustice that is being allowed to run rampant.


12/26/07 Indonesia (TheJakartaPost) At first, they attacked churches and prevented Christians from attending Sunday prayers — and the police largely turned a blind eye. Then they attacked mosques that didn’t comply with their version of the truth, but once again, the police did nothing to stop these acts of violence by people claiming to represent Islam.

And because the perpetrators seem to enjoy some degree of impunity, or even protection from the state, it’s just a matter of time before they pick their next target. Sit tight and watch the tragedy unfold as Indonesia increasingly becomes a failed state.

The silence of the majority is a disturbing sign of an increasing acceptance or tacit approval of these attacks by the general public.

In all these attacks, the perpetrators were clear for all to see. Their actions took place before television news cameras, and their leaders went around boasting they were taking the law into their hands, because the police had failed to ban the followers of Islamic sects considered heretic by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).

Today, instead of being locked behind bars where they belong, these people are roaming free, probably planning their next attacks.

These attacks against religious freedoms are an attack against the very foundation upon which this republic was built. Our failure to prevent these attacks marks the beginning of the end for this republic, as Indonesia silently but rapidly becomes an intolerant nation.

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