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Pastors in China imprisoned to string Christmas lights

ICC Note:

Chinese pastors are forced to string the Christmas lights that thousands of believers used this season to decorate their homes.


Grant Swank

12/23/07 China (RenewAmerica) Their fingers bleed. If they don’t see through their day’s quota — 5,000 bulbs, they are beaten. The next day they report to duty under guards’ eyes. They thread the fine wire through plastic frames for Christmas lights to be strung for selling around the world. But their Christmas celebration is confined to being imprisoned.

Their crime? Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. This past year, 600 pastors alone were put behind Chinese bars.

The pastors ask the outside world to remember them in prayer that they will have the gift of perseverance. But they do not ask for the persecution to stop. They see the beatings-deprivation as its own unique ministry.

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