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Missionaries Accused, Kicked Out

Gospel for Asia

12/21/07 INDIA (ANS) — Samraj, Lal and Jariah were confused when a large group of police officers arrested them and took them to the police station. They did not know that the local villagers had accused them, all Gospel for Asia missionaries, of forcing people to convert to Christianity, which is a crime in Rajasthan , India .

The missionaries were put in a jail cell and not allowed to make any phone calls. As news of their arrest spread the next day, Christians in the village summoned help from the GFA state office. The Rajasthan state leaders immediately worked to get the three missionaries released. Even though they were let go, the charges against them were not dropped. They will have to stand trial for the accusations.

The Lord spared the missionaries from any bodily harm, but their landlord asked them to leave their rented house in fear of retaliation. The missionaries are now staying in a nearby village where three other missionaries are working.

Samraj, Lal and Jariah ask for prayer that the situation will be resolved and the villagers will welcome them back for ministry. Also praise the Lord that Christians in this village are standing firm despite this very visible resistance to the Gospel.