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Concern for persecuted areas rises during holiday season

ICC Note:

As we celebrate the holidays together with our families, let us not forget that this season is also a time when many Christians throughout the world are faced with heightened persecution.


12/20/2007 All (MNN) Over several years, it has become evident that the Christmas season causes an increase in persecution in places that are already notorious for it.

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“They don’t expect it. The way they prepare for it is by continuing to do what they would ordinarily do. They don’t know whether they’re going to be persecuted for sure. Christians often don’t get a whole lot of warning that there’s going to be something taking place,” said Penner.

Egypt, Indonesia and India are Penner’s greatest concern. He said Sri Lanka has, in the past, been on that list and will continue to be monitored, but it appears to be mostly calm this year.

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