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Choir drops ‘Christmas’ from carol

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Elementary school choir in Ottawa decided to remove Christmas from carol song and replaced it with the word festive. This disturbing trend of taking out Christ from Christmas is becoming commonplace in Western countries.

By Tony Lofaro

Thursday, December 20, 2007 (National Post) — One of the more popular Christmas songs is getting a slight retooling by an Ottawa elementary school choir so as not to offend any students.

The teachers leading the Elmdale Public School choir — made up of Grade 2 and 3 students — have dropped the word Christmas from Silver Bells and replaced it with the word “festive.”

So, when the choir performs the song tomorrow at a singalong assembly, instead of singing the line “soon it will be Christmas day” they will say “soon it will be a festive day.”

This bit of revisionist tinkering of a favourite Christmas tune is not sitting well with one parent whose eight-year-old daughter is in the school choir.

“I think it is a silly thing to do,” said Betty Clark, about the decision by the choir directors to change the song’s lyrics.

She said it’s a “shame” the lyric to a traditional Christmas song sung by many people at this time of year was changed to take on a more generic tone.

“It’s a sad comment on the state of society today that we do this kind of thing,” she said.


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