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House Church Christmas Services Raided Throughout Multiple Provinces

ICC Note:

Persecution of house churches in China has already been stepped up in anticipation of the holiday season. China Aid reports that the Christians there are remaining strong in their resolve to continue to worship and celebrate the birth of Christ.


12/19/2007 China (China Aid Association) Henan Province-On December 16, 2007, Less than two weeks before Christmas, China Aid has learned that, Pastor Liang Qi Zhen, Vice President of the Chinese House Church Alliance, was detained by PSB officials in Er Qi District. After disbursing Liang’s congregation, police officials took him by force and transported him to an undisclosed location where he was tortured for several hours.

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Jiangsu Province- A house church in Chang Zhou City was attacked by police officials in December during a Christmas celebration. … During the apprehension police assaulted one of the members until she became unconscious. She was later taken to the hospital. Her condition remains unknown.

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Yunan Province- On December 5, 2007, policemen and members of the Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs raided a house church meeting in Kunming, and detained several members including, Ms. Piao Guihua, the renter of the property. After searching the building, police seized several hundred Christian books and note-pads, and then burned them outside the residence.

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Henan Province- On Tuesday, December 4, policeman in Lu Yi district, Henan Province, assailed a local house church prayer meeting.

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House church members, labeled by police officials as “cultists”, are often sentenced to labor camps when they are detained by police. The members detained in Henan Province are likely to face one year imprisonment in such a labor camp.

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