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Death threats can’t stop me being a Christian, says imam’s daughter

ICC Note: A Pakistani imam living in England refuses to respect the laws of God and of the land where he is living and is attempting to kill his daughter who became a Christian 16 years ago.

By Ruth Gledhill
12/10/07 United Kingdom (The Times) – An imam’s daughter whose family threatened to kill her after she converted to Christianity at the age of 16 has told The Times that, because of her faith, she is not afraid to die.

But Hannah, now 32, has been forced to live under police protection for the past month since her brother told her that he could not be responsible for his actions if she did not return to Islam. Hannah, who hopes to marry a fellow Christian next year, uses a pseudonym and has moved house 45 times since her conversion.

She said: “Yes, there is a possibility I will be killed, just as there is for anyone that they can get run over by a bus. My faith means that I am not afraid to die. If I was to focus on that, I would spend my life at home, trapped. I am not going to let it stop me being who I am, from being a Christian.” She said that her freedom was made possible by living in Britain. “We are protected by the law in this country, which means I should be free to live the life God has called me to live.” …[Go To Full Story]