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Hamas ‘complicit in persecution of Gaza Christians’

ICC Note

Hamas forces are failing to bring the persecutors of Christians in Gaza to justice. Through their inaction, they are contributing for further persecution of Christians.

By Dan Wooding

Tuesday, December 18, 2007 Palestine (ANS)- “Hamas has issued verbal condemnations of Muslim persecution of Christians in the Gaza Strip for mainstream media consumption, but Christians living in fear in the blood-soaked coastal territory say their Islamic rulers have failed to arrest any of their tormentors,” says a story carried on the web site.

“We believe there are elements who want to drive Christians out of the Gaza Strip,” a Gaza Christian who withheld his name for fear of reprisals told World Tribune. “We have gone to the government and there has not been a response.”

The Israel Today story continued by saying, “Last week masked Islamic militants attempted to abduct Nabil Fuad Ayyad as he left work at a local Baptist church. Ayyad managed to escape with the help of nearby shopkeepers. Ayyad’s cousin,

“Rami Ayyad, was not so fortunate when two months earlier similarly masked gunman publicly executed the Bible Society clerk reportedly for witnessing to local Muslims.

“It was later learned that the ringleader in Ayyad’s murder was a senior Hamas security official.”

It concluded by saying, “Hamas has tried to present as moderate a face as possible for the international community, but elements in the Gaza Strip allied with the ruling terror group openly admit that they intend to either force non-Muslims to submit to Islamic law or convert.”