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Christian escapes repatriation to North Korea

ICC Note:

Proving the power of prayer, a North Korean Christian has escaped trial in China and been granted citizenship and repatriation to South Korea. We thank God for his mercy and pray that Yoo Sang-joon would continue to be a testament of the power and nearness of God in our distress.


12/19/2007 North Korea (ChristianToday) Yoo Sang-joon, a North Korean Christian who was put on trial in China for helping North Korean refugees has been repatriated to South Korea, where he also holds citizenship.

Mr Yoo devoted his life to helping North Korean refugees to escape from the oppressive state following a series of personal tragedies. While living in North Korea, the famine in the country claimed the lives of both his wife and his youngest son.

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He was captured by Chinese authorities and was to be put on trial on 26 November 2007.

However, Christian Groups such as Asialink campaigned and prayed for Mr Yoo to be repatriated back to South Korea rather than face deportation to his native North Korea where he would almost certainly be killed upon arrival.

Following his ordeal, Yoo has now been released and is safely back in South Korea.

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