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Women soldiers wearing headscarves, Islamic fundamentalism’s next goal

ICC Note

Islamization of Indonesian army is underway as some officials consider requiring women soldiers to wear headscarves.

By Benteng Reges

12/13/2007 Indonesia (AsiaNews) – Women soldiers wearing headscarves could soon be commonplace in Indonesia , where a fierce debate is raging over the influence of Islamic parties on the social life the country. Especially there is concern over the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the army, hitherto considered the guarantor of the state’s secular nature.

Indonesia ’s military have been seen by the population as the main bastion of the country’s political institutions, free from all sectarian tendencies and the pillar of its multi-ethnic nature.

However, the findings of a report released in 1995 indicated that some generals where “ideologically close” to some Islamic fundamentalist groups. Ever since the issue of the islamisation of the armed forces has remained at the top of the public agenda.


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