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Bedouin Darkness Spreads with Oil Money

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This article explains how oil money is used by countries like Saudi Arabia to Islamize the world.

By Youssef Ibrahim

December 10, 2007 Egypt (Watani)-Do American institutions want to snuggle up with Saudi Arabia and its Dark Age values?


They should expect no free lunches. These failed governments are buying America ‘s silence and its implied acquiescence to barbaric.

First, the numbers:


• And the mother of Islamofascism, Saudi Arabia, where 200 senior royals of the ruling family are playing with several billion each and buying up stakes in strategic companies such as Disney and Apple, and Citibank, too, and using the rest of the oil bonanza to fund madrassas, militant mosques, and theological institutes across America and Europe.

The money-seduction tactic has worked in Britain well over the past three decades, transforming whole segments of the British Muslim population into Wahhabi militants, amply evidenced by recent subway bombings as well as the number of women in burkas strolling through the streets of London . The purchase of the British government’s silence was dramatically evident in Prime Minister Blair’s decision to shut down an investigation into allegedly huge bribes paid to the Saudi royal family.


A flood of money from fascist societies is a different ball game.

In the past few weeks alone, several examples demonstrate the values that the empires of darkness are forcing us to swallow.


Sadly, while the American press and civil establishment revolted, the White House, Congress, and, above all, our business establishment looked away, suggesting how heavy a price is exacted for a Bedouin greenback.


The huge migration of money that has followed Western capitalist systems has brought progress and modernity in its wake. But Arabian oil money imported by Citibank and other titans of American industry deeply compromises our values and buys our silence.


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