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ICC Note: Christian leaders in Iraq were asking for yesterday (Dec 2nd) to be set aside as a day of prayer for the persecuted Church there. Unfortunately, this was sent to us to late to alert you to the 12/2 deadline. Obviously, the need for prayer is ongoing so we post this in the hopes that you will continue to lift up your brothers and sisters there in prayer.
The Iraqi Church Leadership is Asking for The World’s Christians to Pray

Recently in Iraq over 600 Iraqis from 24 different churches traveled with many challenges to meet together to pray for their country. A key leader recently said “things are getting better especially in Baghdad . We ask you to pray for the nation to have complete deliverance from the enemy and for the land to be healed. We feel we are doing our last lap round the gates of Jericho .”
Pray. . . over individual and ministry relationships that the Holy Spirit will rule with wisdom and love in each situation and the efforts of the enemy to bring fear/disunity/distrust/separation will be confounded and turned against them.
..for the shepherds/pastors words of encouragement and comfort for their congregations and their communities; for them to be diligent in seeking God’s heart; for God to give them His strategy so they will experience increased effectiveness in their calling and ministry; and ask for divine sources of comfort and encouragement for the leaders that they may impart to others.
..that the believers will be encouraged to share their faith even more boldly and not be bound by fear or anxiety.
..that evil will be blinded and thwarted in every situation.
..that the church will have a good relationship within their communities. Ask that they will be able to love their enemies as Christ commanded. Pray that the real enemy will be unmasked/exposed and the different groups will unite and defeat his effort for fear, hatred, violence and strife.
.. for those outside the family of God will have visions of Jesus that will draw them to salvation
..that believers will experience a fresh vision, divine strategy, renewed passion for God’s Kingdom and fresh motivation for their call, that they will be like a vision of light, life and love that will infect those around them.

..for the Church to have unity and boldness in evangelism land to break through the fear.

..pray that materials (written, electronic, media, etc) will find a route in and be widely distributed/available for teaching and drawing lost souls to the truth.

..for new laws to be established in the parliament that will bring democracy, peace, and prosperity to the nation.

..for the desperate and unemployed to turn from darkness to light; helping to build, protect and restore order instead of turning to violence or criminal activity.

Signed. . .

The Church Leaders in Iraq