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Assyrian Archbishop of Sweden Asks The World To Act Against the Oppression of Iraqi Christians

(Eastern Star News Agency) The Syriac-Orthodox archdiocese in Sweden and remaining Scandinavia condemns the kidnap(ing) of father Daniel Savci.

More than half of the Christian population in Iraq has been forced to exile. Priests are kidnapped, nuns are raped and killed and children crucifies. (Neither) the State of Iraq or the American troops can stop the violence. The kidnapping of father Daniel Savci is not only reminding people about the violence in Iraq , it is also terrifying members of the Syriac-Orthodox church around the world.

I’m chocked, hurt and upset. The violence towards Christians in Islamic countries has to come to an end. The world community has to open their eyes for the religious and ethnical cleansing that’s going on in Irac and other countries in the Middle East .

Archbishop Julios Abdulahad Shabo is also mentioning the demonstrations that took place after the drawings of Mohammed, published in the magazine Jyllandsposten.

Thousands of Muslims joined the demonstration in Midyat, the Christian city in southeast of Turkey , who 20 years ago almost only was populated of it’s Christian indigenous people. The 3000 who’s left in Midyat and the villages next to it was very afraid. The murder of Hrant Dink, an Armenian journalist, the brutal murders of the missionaries in Malatya and several more actions associated to the oppressions of Christians.

The Archbishop continues, that it also is a huge problem for Turkey that the Turkish police and army are infiltrated of radical Muslims and nationalists. When the young man who killed Hrant Dink was apprehended policemen proudly took pictures with him. The murderer was seen as a hero ought to be hailed.

The rule of law for Christians has to fulfill the same function as for muslims. In the nineties twelve Christian leaders, among them doctors, were killed in Turabdin, southeast of Turkey . Nobody was arrested.

The kidnapping of father Daniel Savci is a Swedish concern as it is a Turkish concern. The majority of the Syriac-Orthodox who escaped Turabdin now lives in Sweden . Archbishop Abdulahad Shabo appeals to Swedens minister of foreign affairs Carl Bildt to follow what happens in Turabdin.

Sweden should send a delegation who can oversee the investigations done by the policeforce in Turabdin.

Julios Abdulahad Shabo, archebishop for Syriac-Orthodox church in Sweden and remaining Scandinavia .

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