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The Supreme Court in Strasburg allows Patriarchs’ appeal for Buyukada orphanage

ICC Note: This is an example of the way in which Muslim civilization has been parasitical on the native Christian population it rules. However, this time there is hope that the European Supreme Court may be able to make a difference.

11/29/07 Turkey (AsiaNews) – The European Supreme Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg has allowed recourse to appeal for the Ecumenical Patriarchate against the Turkish States illegal occupation of the Orphanage on the prince Buyukada islands, in Marmara Sea, claiming ownership.

The lack of Turkish orthodox orphans has been exploited by the Turkish authorities, who tank to art. 1 of law 2762 of the Religious Foundations directive, took away the administration of the building from the island’s minority Orthodox in 1964 when the last student graduated, claiming that the primary purpose of its use had become invalid and therefore they also took over ownership… [Go To Full Story]