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ICC note: Authorities in Pakistan seek to destroy every aspect of Christian lives and keep them in the bondages of Islam


7/1/2007 Gujranwala,Pakistan (SVM news)– Pakistan sessions court of Gujranwala declared invalid about the marriage of a Christian lady on 27th of June. And court ordered the police to arrest her paramour.


Irshad Bibi of Kot Paroya filed a petition against a christian named Nobel Masih that he had allegedly abducted her daughter Aasia. She also complaint in the petition that the Ahmadnagar police had registered a case about it, but they were delaying the recovery of the abductee.


Following the petition, the court had summoned the police and ordered them to recover the abductee Aasia and her paramour Nobel Masih. On this, the police recovered them from Karachi and produced them before the court on Wednesday.
Aasia told the court that Nobel Masih had not abducted her. “I am a Christian and had contracted a marriage with Nobel Masih,” she said.


The girl’s mother pointed out that the girl was a minor. The court, there upon, declared the marriage invalid and sent the girl to Darul Aman.
Police officials said to the Salem Voice Ministries (SVM) News Service that the sessions court ordered the police to arrest Nobel Masih. And the police arrested him from the court itself.