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Justice Minister says “the girl from Qatif” provoked her rapists

ICC Note

The girl who was raped by a group of men was sentenced to serve prison and punished by 200 lashes in Saudi Arabia .

November 26, 2007 Saudi Arabia (AsiaNews) – The young Saudi women condemned to prison and 200 lashes is an adulteress who “provoked the attack” of her rapists because she was “indecently dressed”. That is the conclusion of the Saudi Minister for Justice in an official declaration reported today by the Saudi news agency SPA.

The Minister defends the sentencing and confirms that the national judiciary is based on “the book of God and prophet Muhammad’s teachings”.

Known as “the girl from Qatif”, the nineteen year old Saudi was kidnapped and rapped by a group of men, only to find herself condemned by a court to six months in prison and 90 lashings, because she was in a car with a non-relative male, which is forbidden by law. The sentence passed last year had condemned the six rapists to one to five years in prison.


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