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After 40 years a Catholic Church in West Java is forced to close

ICC Note: This is one in a growing number of stories on churches in Indonesia that are being forced to close down.

by Benteng Reges
11/28/07 Indonesia (AsiaNews) – Once again in the name of the law, religious freedom – one of the rights guaranteed by the National Constitution – has been violated. It happened on November 23 in South Duri, West Jakarta, where a group of Muslims with the backing of police and local politicians forced the Catholic parish of Christ’s Peace Church to stop all religious activity. The pretext is always the same: it does not have the legal permit to build a place of worship.

Christ’s Peace Parish Church has at least 4,000 parishioners and holds three week-end services. The church activity has existed since 1968. Contacted by AsiaNews parish priest Fr. Matthew Widyalestari MSC, confirmed the episode which also made headlines in Indonesian press: “For now, we are asked by them and also the local government officials to halt all kind of activities for ‘the sake of the community’”… [Go To Full Story]