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Women Face Opposition for Witness

Gospel for Asia
11/16/07 India (ANS) — In two separate incidents, women missionaries serving with Gospel for Asia recently faced opposition for sharing the Gospel. The first one occurred in Orissa, an Indian state known for its anti-Christian sentiment.

GFA missionaries Anita and Jasmi had traveled to the main marketplace in one town to hand out Gospel literature. They knew it was market day and did not want to miss the valuable opportunity to spread the Good News to as many people as they could.

But members of a well-known anti-Christian extremist group were not happy about their activities. They surrounded Anita and Jasmi and snatched away the literature. Then they verbally harassed the two women. Police arrived and took the women into custody for their own protection, but the anti-Christian extremists followed close behind, shouting out loud accusations against them. The angry mob surrounded the police station for hours, making it impossible for Anita and Jasmi to be released.

When police saw that the situation had finally calmed down, Anita and Jasmi were released and returned to their homes around midnight. The atmosphere in this area remains tense for Christians.

In Tamil Nadu, India, two students at a GFA women’s Bible college-Sarita and Komalini-were met with opposition as they shared Christ with a lady who was sitting in front of her house. The woman’s husband came out and began to shout at Sarita and Komalini. Soon he was joined by a group of young people who also verbally abused the two women. Snatching away the Gospel literature Sarita and Komalini had with them, the hecklers set it on fire. A Christian who came to rescue the women suffered harassment from the gang as well. The gang finally released Sarita and Komalini and warned them not to return.

GFA leaders ask for prayer that the women in these two incidents will be filled with courage as they continue to share the Good News of Christ’s hope. They also request prayer for those who have opposed the work of the Gospel, that their hearts will be softened and drawn to the Savior.