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Pastor and Other Attendees at Meeting Beaten Up in India

By James Varghese
11/16/07 INDIA (ANS) — A pastor and several others attendees at a public meeting were beaten up late Thursday.

The incident occurred while the pastor was addressing a public gathering. He and others were beaten up and the location vandalized by a group of people reportedly connected with the BJP, an Indian political party. Other individuals were also involved.

According to the Tribune News service, a slogan-chanting mob came to the venue and started tearing it apart. The preacher and others went to the back of the meeting place.

The group accused the preacher of persuading Hindus to become Christians. The preacher and others in attendance at the meeting said they were just praying and talking about Jesus.

Meanwhile, a number of people grabbed the minister and brought him to the stage where after someone turned off the lights, he and others were beaten up.

The police ultimately arrived and restored order.

The pastor is reported to be in stable condition.