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PA blocks ordination of Bishop of Guangzhou, approved by the Holy See

ICC Note: Government-controlled group of Catholic leaders blocking ordination of bishop appointed by the Vatican by insisting that the ceremony include self-appointed leaders in the official Chinese Catholic church.

11/16/07 China (AsiaNews) – The ordination of a new bishop of Guangzhou may take place next December 3rd if the Patriotic Association does not postpone the appointment. Msgr. Giuseppe Gan Junqiu, approved by the Holy See and Beijing as the new bishop of Guangzhou, has been waiting for over a year to take up his post. The obstacle is the Patriotic Associations insistence that illicit bishops, not in communion with the pope are present at the ceremony.

Msgr. Gan was elected by the diocesesan community of Guangzhou in November 2006. One month later he received Vatican approval, which was confirmed last September, but he has yet to receive the formal approval of the Council of Chinese bishops… [Go To Full Story]