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Eritrea expels fourteen missionaries

ICC Note

In the latest clamp down on Christians, Eritrean government expels missionaries working to provide humanitarian assistance to the poor and unprivileged in the country.

Nov 13, 2007 Eritrea ( – “We knew for months that missionaries were at risk because of the expired residency permits. It is very difficult to work in Eritrea . Everything is under the control of the government,” explained an official from an Italian NGO who has been working in the country since 1972 and asked to remain anonymous because of the tense situation in the country, where fourteen missionaries have been expelled.


“The government of Asmara , led by Isaias Afworki, has had a policy during recent years of running Westerner humanitarian workers out of the country. Since 2005, according to the ‘Proclamation’ which sent many organizations packing, the NGOs are no longer the ones who carry out projects but rather they are simply donors authorized to monitor. The government is the one that carries them out,” he explained.


Without humanitarian aid, the official warned, “The population will be abandoned. The situation itself is already tragic. The people have a right to only two loaves of bread per day.”


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