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Two Missionaries Beaten

Gospel for Asia
11/7/07 INDIA (ANS) — Anti-Christian extremists attacked Gospel for Asia missionaries Rujul Mahish and Kirti Shyam near the India-Pakistan border on Sunday.

Rujul and Kirti were en route to a meeting when a group of eight people stopped the bus. They came on board, dragged the two missionaries off the bus and started beating them. The extremists then took the Christians to a temple and beat them again. Afterwards, the temple leader ordered the extremists to shoot and kill the missionaries by sunset.

Instead of listening to the leader, however, the extremists forced the missionaries into a medical clinic where the media was waiting. The group then took all of the evangelists’ possessions and tried to force Rujul and Kirti to admit on camera that they had been converting people to Christianity and receiving payment for each convert. When the evangelists did not comply, the extremists beat them so badly that Kirti sustained injuries to his eyes. Finally, the missionaries could not take it anymore, and they went along with the group’s false accusations.

Afterwards, the extremists took the missionaries to a police station. Along the way, Rujul and Kirti shared the Gospel and their personal testimonies with the attackers. The extremists ridiculed them and told them to ask Jesus to deliver them from this situation and to convert more people to Christianity.

As they arrived at the station, police took custody of Rujul and Kirti, but they did nothing to help them. When GFA leaders heard about this situation, they immediately went to the police station. But they were prevented from seeing their spiritual brothers until several hours later, when a superior officer released them. The officer told them to come back the next day to file a report against the extremist group.

But when the GFA leaders and missionaries were on their way to the police station, they met a village leader who helped them settle the situation. The GFA leaders did not file a police report, and the persecutors gave back all of the missionaries’ belongings.

GFA leaders ask for prayer for encouragement and healing for Rujul and Kirti, and that the extremist group would repent and receive Jesus as Lord in their lives.