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India Evangelist Killed And “Sacrificed” For Hindu ‘goddess’

By Stefan J. Bos and Satya Sundar Mishra
11/7/07 INDIA (BosNewsLife)– A young Indian evangelist and shepherd has been killed by Hindu priests seeking human sacrifices for a Hindu ‘goddess’, the latest in a series of violent attacks against Christians in India, BosNewsLife learned Wednesday, November 7.

The Global Council of Indian Christians(GCIC), an advocacy group representing church and mission groups, said Vipin Mandloi, 27, was shot dead near Aamkut village in the Jhabua District of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Mandloi had reportedly been missing since October 14 when he left his house to a nearby mountain to graze his goats and sheep near a Hindu temple. “There was a new temple of Kali the ‘goddess’ of the Hindus [and he] was in its premises…Three ‘Pujaris’, or ‘Hindu Priests’ came there and they shot [and killed] Vipin Mandloi with a…pistol,” GCIC President Sajan K. George told BosNewsLife.

The Hindu priests were apparently angry that he had become a Christian and, after abuse of alcohol and a failed marriage, returned to mission work, preaching the Gospel and helping a fellow evangelist who runs several churches in the area.


George told BosNewsLife it appears that “His decision of accepting Christ” prompted priests to “give him as a sacrifice to this goddess Kali…” Although investigations revealed his body was dumped in a lake, there was “blood all over the temple,” he said. “It is presumed that the blood would have been smeared from the gun shot wound before dumping him in the water,” he added.

It was not immediately clear if there was also blood of other missing persons in the temple, but George said police investigations continue.

“The goddess Kali is a bloodthirsty goddess and she is even given human sacrifice so it is suspected that the [priests] found this an opportune time [to kill the evangelist] as they were already upset with his decision of accepting Christ.”

The priests reportedly admitted their involvement in the murder, saying the evangelist had been “stealing coconuts and money that was offered at the temple of Kali.” George said the charges were not proven. Three of the priests have been freed on bail, according GCIC investigators.

The same region has become notorious for crimes against Christians, including the reported gang rape of four nuns and the looting of their convent in 2001. Father Lucas Izidore, the secretary of the Indore diocese, said they were raped by up to 15 militants who broke into the convent at two in the morning. They looted the facility and later forced the four nuns “to the nearby fields and gang-raped,” them, the priest said in a statement released by GCIC… [Go To Full Story]