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ICC Note: Great piece by Open Door’s Carl Moeller. If you haven’t already done so, order your pastor’s kit and prayer bulletins for IDOP for the persecuted Church here.
Focus on Muslim World on International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Church

By Carl Moeller

Islam (for the full article, go to
Christian Post) Should we be praying for persecuted Christians each and every day of the year? Of course! They need our prayer offerings as many are caught in the crossfire of persecution for their faith. But there is one day each year – the second Sunday of November in most countries – which has been designated as the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church .

And on that day – which is November 11 this year – millions of Christians and thousands of churches around the world will lift up our brothers and sisters in prayer.

Among the most severely persecuted believers in the world are Muslim Background Believers (MBBs). They are former followers of Islam who come to Christ. They are often rejected by their families and shunned by local communities, prohibited from sharing their faith, threatened, beaten and even killed.

While some Islamic countries around the world claim to tolerate freedom for believers of all religions to practice their faith, the reality for isolated Christian groups and individuals is very different. Thousands of Muslim Background Believers suffer daily persecution.

And in countries like Iran , Uzbekistan , Indonesia , and Algeria – where Muslims make up a significant majority of the population – Christians also fear for their lives every day.
Muslim Background Believers are used by God in a powerful way to reach out to their neighbors with the love of God.

Christians should:
– Pray for Muslim Background Believers like Adilah and Abdul who have turned from Islam to follow Christ. Pray they will have the courage to stand strong in the face of persecution.
– Pray that MBBs will continue to be used by God to lead many more Muslims to Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.
– Pray that God would continue to give wisdom and protection to Christian workers in Islam-dominated countries as they seek to encourage and strengthen believers who live under such intense persecution.