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ICC Note: Great Work from USCIRF. The Saudi’s are the main culprit in the radicalizing of the world Muslim population that has caused a huge increase in persecution. Most of this has been done via Islamic schools and mosques that are controlled by the Saudis. This particular school’s board is headed by the Saudi ambassador to the US, the Saudi diplomatic corp is required to send their children there, and one of their past students has been convicted of terrorism.

Va. County to Look at Saudi School Texts
(Matthew Barakat, AP)

Islam/US (for the full AP story go to Newsvine) – Fairfax County officials are reviewing Arabic-language textbooks at a private Islamic school following a federal panel’s recommendation that the school be shut down.
The county does not expect to find any problems with the textbooks at the Islamic Saudi Academy, but wants to study the issue “to put the matter to rest,” Fairfax County spokeswoman Merni Fitzgerald said Monday.
Earlier this month, a federal human-rights panel recommended that the State Department prevail on the Saudi government to shut the school down until the school’s textbooks can be reviewed and procedures are put in place to ensure the school’s independence from the Saudi Embassy.
The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom said in a report issued Oct. 17 that it had no direct evidence of a problem at the academy, but was concerned that the school closely mimics a typical Saudi education, which some critics say promotes intolerance against Christians, Jews and Shiite Muslims.