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South Sudan may pull deputies from parliament: VP

ICC Note

The impasse between South Sudan and government of Sudan is deepening and South Sudanese official is threatening to pull Southern Sudanese from the national Parliament.

Thu Nov 1, 12:46 Sudan (Reuters) – The government of south Sudan might pull its deputies out of the national parliament if Khartoum does not make more progress towards meeting southern demands, the vice president of the region said on Thursday.


“We agreed that we would let our members of parliament stay in the national assembly until we see what happens,” Vice President Riek Machar told Reuters.

“Then we could recall them.”

The south wants northern troops to be redeployed from southern oil fields and the north-south border to be defined. Other demands include resolution of the status of the oil-rich Abyei region in central Sudan and funding for a delayed census.


After the SPLM ministers withdrew, Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir agreed to a cabinet reshuffle, one demand of the former southern rebels. The SPLM saw the reshuffle as positive, although officials said the ministers approved by Bashir were not the ones Kiir wanted.


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