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Holy Land’s Only Christian TV Station to Shut Down Due To Death Threats etc

By Ethan Cole

Christian Post Reporter

West Bank/Gaza (for the full story, go to Christian Post) The Nativity, “Al Mahed” in Arabic, has been broadcasting since 1996, offering a Christian voice in the Middle East. But the station in Bethlehem will close due to reported death threats, trouble with the Palestinian authorities and overwhelming financial debts, according to Arab Vision.

“Christians have never been allowed much space in the public media of the Arab World; public space is seen as space for Islam,” explained Abu Banaat, the international director of the Christian broadcasting ministry Arab Vision.

“It is sad that the one clear voice for the Gospel on TV in the Palestinian territories is now silenced.”

The station broadcasted Christian services, a weekly Christian program, news and entertainment, and even Muslim prayers on Fridays.

For over a year, however, Samir Qumsieh, director and owner of The Nativity, has reportedly been receiving death threats and intimidation. His five siblings have already moved abroad and he is expected to follow them once the station is closed.