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Five American Missionaries murdered in China

ICC Note: This report has yet to be confirmed, but China will do all in its power to keep this news from spreading.

11/1/07 China (SVM News) – Five Christian Presbyterian missionaries of America were murdered at the city of Lienchow in Gansu province of China last week.

Nikki Canady of the Central Christian College of the Bible informed the Salem Voice Ministries (SVM) News Service that one of his friends telephoned him and told about the brutal murder of 5 missionaries in China.

City of Lienchow is also called Lanchow.

Chinese Government is rumored to begin the exile of many missionaries in the Gansu province.

Nikki Canady asked Salem Voice Ministries ( for requesting all the children of God and prayer warriors to pray for the continued safety of those still in the Gansu province and other parts of China, for boldness of faith, for open hearts and minds, and for an increased harvest in that area.