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Christians face more persecution in Asia

Central Asia (Mission Network News) ― An urgent prayer request is coming from an undisclosed Central Asia nation with persecution of Christians increasing.

Russian Ministries Sergey Rakhuba says Christians in the former Soviet bloc nations in Central Asia are having difficulties. However, this time it’s not communism. “Now, it’s Islamic persecution, or radical Islam that is trying to block Christianity expanding and growing in those countries.”

A pastor in the region was able to communicate undetected that “he and his wife and his entire family have been very closely watched 24 hours a day for the last several weeks. He believes there’s a serious threat, but at the same time he is asking that we would continue praying for him that this would not stop their ministry. And, he’s asking for courage and for support.”

Rakhuba says the reality is these pastors want to be ready for “imprisonment, arrest, isolation, house arrest or anything, and that’s the everyday reality for them.”

According to Rakhuba, Christians aren’t feeling sorry for themselves. “Reading the Bible, they believe this should happen. They say, ‘We’re more persecuted because Jesus was suffering as well.’ So, they’re actually proud of this persecution.”