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Urgent action needed on South Sudan

ICC Note

The impasse created over the non-implementation of peace accord between South Sudan and government of Sudan should be resolved before it deteriorates into disastrous war.

Thursday, 25th October, 2007 Sudan (The New Vision)-The deadlock in the implementation of the peace agreement between North and South Sudan is a potential explosive situation which needs urgent attention. For Khartoum ’s Vice-President to accuse the South of stalling the peace process and preparing for war is cheap and unfair.


Today, the oil price stands at $89 a barrel and two additional oil fields are now operational. So based on simple calculations, the South should be getting between $200m and $290m a month!

Khartoum is robbing the South of at least $150m a month. No wonder it is delaying the implementation of the border demarcation and the status of the oil-rich Abyei area.

And while Khartoum is booming thanks to revenues from southern oil fields, the South is struggling to rebuild a country destroyed by decades of war, neglect and the North’s divide-and-rule policy.

The lack of schools, hospitals and basic infrastructure in an area two and a half times the size of Britain is shocking. Be it in the field of agriculture, technology or manufacturing, the country basically has to start from scratch.


As IGAD was the main grouping brokering the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the regional leaders have to convene a summit urgently to try and salvage the deal and hold Khartoum to its commitment.


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