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Pyongyang Diocese Marks 80 Years
Maryknolls Organize Celebration in New York

ICC Note: In a state that prohibits all but the worship of the “great” leader, it is strange that the government keeps a tally of how many Catholics there are.

10/26/07 North Korea ( – When the apostolic administrator of Pyongyang, North Korea, requested a prayer service to mark the 80th anniversary of the diocese’s foundation, the petition was heard all the way in New York.

The Maryknoll Sisters acted on Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jin-Suk’s request, and hosted a celebration last month to mark the anniversary of the initial establishment of the ecclesial territory in 1927, which was made a diocese in 1962.

The North Korean government now reports 3,000 Catholics in the region, and one church, in Pyongyang, the capital.

Cardinal Cheong exhorted those at the celebration to understand and pray for the difficult situation in which the North Koreans live. “It is our duty,” he said, “to pray for and support the tiny Catholic community in North Korea, which has lived in silence since the peninsula was divided.” … [Go To Full Story]