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Evangelist beaten up for preaching Gospel in Karnataka, India

By James Varghese
10/18/07 INDIA (ANS) — An Indian evangelist was beaten up by members of the Hindu radical Bajrang Dal group in Sagar, Shimoga district in Karnataka state, India on Monday, October 15.

This news was issued by the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) on their website

According to their story, evangelist Mani Kumar (32) was the one who was those attacked and beaten up. Mani ministers a church called Grace Baptist House church in J.P Nagar, Sagar.

This incident took place at about 7 pm in the evening when he went to meet with his friend S.N Nagar in an another place to share the Gospel with him. As he reached there, he found that his friend’s house was locked, so then he decided to go home. One of the neighbors noticed evangelist Mani and invited him to his house and requested him to share the gospel with their family members. So he spent some time in his neighbor’s house of his friend.

At the same time, some youths in that area had been noticing evangelist Mani’s frequent visit to share the Gospel with these people. They came to him and tricked him by requesting him to go with them to share Gospel in a village called Itheri which was about 3-4 kms. away from S. N Nagar. Kumar readily agreed to their appeal and went along with them.

On the way to the village, they suddenly stopped and called for a Bajrang Dal leader named Shankar Bhatt and immediately about five people came and began beating up the evangelist and accused him of forcible conversion. They beat him for about 15 minutes and injured his head, legs and hands.

After some time Evan. Mani went to the Government Hospital of Shimoga and underwent first-aid treatment, after which he lodged a complaint about the incident in the Sagar Police Station.

Please pray for the evangelist and for the Christian ministry in Sagar, Karnataka