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Youth members detained in Khammam, Andhra Pradesh

By James Varghese

10/16/07 INDIA (ANS) — According to the news carried out by Global Council of Indian Christians on their website, a couple of youths were detained during a dedication of a church in Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh, South India , on Sunday, October 14.

Pastor Rushi Anand Rao had invited the state Health Minister, Venkateshwar Rao, for the dedication of the new church of Abhisaka Ministries which was to be inaugurated and dedicated on the following day.

The pastor had arranged to put up some banners and posters for publicity of the function. The same day, when the arrangements were being completed, about 20 radical Hindus tore and destroyed all the banners and posters and then lodged a false complaint of “religious conversion,” as the posters were posted in the surrounding two km radius of a temple.

As per the order GO 474 passed by the government of Andhra Pradesh (A.P.), any religious activities (other than the Hindu religion) should not occur in a two km radius of this temple town of A.P.

Taking advantage of this order, the radical Hindus have interfered with the dedication ceremony of the church, even though the posters were actually further away from the two km radius of the Bhadrachalarama temple.

The radicals took along two church youth members to the police station and falsely complained against the pastor and detained the youth members.

Despite this, the dedication function went ahead, but without the pastor.