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Persecution Of Degar Montagnards Continues

ICC: Spreading Christianity in Vietnam can land you in prison.

10/15/07, Vietnam (Crosswalk)According to ASSIST News Service, the indigenous Degar Montagnard Christians of Vietnam continue to suffer persecution by the Vietnamese communist government. A major advocacy group says that hundreds of Degar prisoners remain in prison for standing up for human rights, for spreading Christianity or for fleeing to Cambodia. Many have died from internal injuries caused by beatings. Indigenous rights are routinely violated, and racism and discrimination are serious problems in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. According to a news release from the Montagnard Foundation, on Sept. 27 2007, a Degar Christian named Y-Mau Eban and four of his friends took a walk outside their village of Buon Dung. While walking, a group of Vietnamese civilians were waiting to attack Degars for no other reason than racism. The Vietnamese civilians grabbed Y-Mau Eban and severely beat him up, damaging his right eye. The others fled back to their village as a crowd of Vietnamese villagers armed with sticks and knives ran at them. Y-Mau Eban was left there seriously injured, but the villagers soon returned and took him to the hospital in the city of Buonmathuot. The Montagnard Foundation is dedicated to helping the Degar peoples.