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Pray for Muslim Victory
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The Center for Democracy & Human Rights in Saudi Arabia

Saudi/Islam (More at aawsat) The Muslim fasting month, Ramadan, is supposed to be a time to forgive and ask for mercy and forgiveness. This is not the case during all night prayers in crowded Saudi mosques during this month. The preachers spend their lengthy sermons exalting Islam and condemning non-Muslims and their faiths.
These preachers are government employees and are the only ones who are permitted to assemble and speak freely against other peoples and their faiths. These men are the ones who encourage young Saudis to kill non-believers who are out to destroy Islam and its holy message.
The article below reads, “The majority of Saudi imams are using Qunut prayers as an opportunity to pray for Muslim victory in Chechnya , Afghanistan , Iraq , Somalia , and other Muslim countries going through similar crises.” As Dr. Tawfiq al Sudairi, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, En dowments, Da’wa and Guidance told Asharq Al-Awsat, “The Qunut prayer has legal regulations to which all imams must abide.”
He cautions that prayer should not be abusive or aggressive, and that it should “adhere to the form that was handed down from the honorable Prophet Mohammed.” Dr. Tawfiq al Sudairi also notes, “Qunut prayer must not be lengthened further than what is necessary.” It is unfortunate that during the Holy Month of Ramadan, some Imams abuse their positions of power to exalt Muslim followers to violence or other political ends.